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Belagavi sept 20 – Congress party decided to major surgery  in the district and  set up  Two units due to differences  between Jarkiholi brothers.

According to sources, Belagavi city unit plan cancelled  and decided to set up  One unit in Chikkodi and another one unit Belagavi parliamentary constituency.

Earlier decession of separate Belagavi city unit may be cancelled,
Sources said Chingale will be selected to Chikkodi unit and Belagavi unit not finalized at present.
Till now party appointed city congress and rural congress president posts in the district, after this decession city congress president post may be cancel due to this decession, this point announced by KPCC president G Parameswar recently.

Some senior congress leaders,honest party workers welcomes to this decession. Party workers said this is very helpful to break the family politics in the district.


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