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No ‘Name’ only blame…game…..!!!

The recent sari distribution by KPCC women wing president Laxmi Hebbalkar and reaction of former Minister Satish Jarakiholi and the series supporting comments are fingering towards a change in organisational set up in Congress party at district level.

Yes, it’s imminent in Belagavi district Congress level, sooner or later the present district presidents of the party including of Chikkodi one have make way for new one, who could take both Hebbalkar, Satish Jarakiholi and albeit, of Ramesh Jarakiholi faction altogether. As the election for state assembly is nearing and the fact that Congress is not in position to lose its stronghold due to factionism. Since past one week Manickyam Sarkar party observer is in Belagavi just to assess the level of factionism erupted in district. According to sources Sarkar is busy in sending reports to Congress High command,

It could be recalled here that a recent Congress party workers convention held at Sulebhavi village coming under Belagavi rural segment indicated that everything is not fine in Belagavi Congress, while Satish kept himself off the dias because the convention was held at the whim of Laxmi Hebbalkar, while senior leaders of the party patted Hebbalkar for her sari distribution saying her work should be noted as party organisational strategy.

Finally, the blame game of these two leaders put Belagavi district as crucial destiny as far as concerned to the Congress. The change in organisational set up at district level would attract BJP attention to put high stake , because saffron party had also gained much from Belagavi in past.

No ‘Name’ only blame

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